Amirhossein Rajabi
Amirhossein Rajabi

Amirhossein Rajabi

My name is Amirhossein Rajabi, natively written امیرحسین رجبی. Currently, a Researcher at @DTU_Compute working on "Efficient and Self-tuning Nature-inspired Algorithms".


  • Metaheuristics
  • Randomized Search Heuristics
  • Discrete Optimization
  • Julia Programming Language


Technical University of Denmark Ph.D. in DTU Compute '22
Sharif University of Technology M.Sc. in Computer Engineering '17
Amirkabir University of Technology B.Sc. in Mathematics '15


Conference Publications

Stagnation Detection with Randomized Local Search

Joint work with Carsten Witt, in Proc. of EvoCOP 2021.

Nominated for best paper award.

Projects and Theses

  • PhD, "Efficient and Self-tuning Nature-inspired Algorithms." supervised by Professor Carsten Witt.
  • Master, "Testing Properties of Geometric Figures."
  • Bachelor, "A Genetic Algorithm model for reconstructing phylogenies from single nucleotide polymorphism haplotypes under the maximum parsimony criterion."


Address: DTU Compute, Algorithms, Logic and Graphs, Technical University of Denmark, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

Office: Richard Petersens Plads, Building 322, Room 05